Midhun Sukumaran (Australian Visa)

We would like to extend our gratitude to Unitedabroad that has supported us in getting through the difficult process of successfully achieving an Australian PR. I was helped during the difficult part of documentation. I would like to thanks Unitedabroad that the path ended with happiness.

Fazil Mohammed

Thank you very much for the long awaited mail. unitedabroad put away all my fears of hiring a consultant for visa process. They proved that there are good immigration consultancy service providers and one of them is unitedabroad. Once again I thank unitedabroad for the professionalism you have shown and all the courteous responses you have shown during the entire journey.

Samjith (Australian Visa)

Thank you Unitedabroad for your support during the entire course of process. The staff at Unitedabroad was very friendly and supportive. They have always been very prompt in their responses. Without the guidance from Unitedabroad the whole thing would have been a nightmare for me.

Sibi (Australian Visa)

I am very glad to hear this much awaited news and thank Unitedabroad very much for the tremendous support throughout this journey. On each stage, the response from WWICS was very prompt. Their expertise helped me to go ahead without any confusion at any stage. Unitedabroad provided me with proper guidance, follow ups and accurate responses.

Ashish Upadhyay (Australian Visa)

I remember the day when I walked in Unitedabroad office and started my visa journey. I am very thankful to Unitedabroad that helped me sail out of the very confusing and troubled time and deal out with the immigration process with patience and confidence. I am thankful for the professional work done here and congratulate and wish them all success in future.